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Uttarakhand Assembly Elections 2017 Opinion Polls & Survey Results BJP, BSP, Congress, UKD

Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly Elections Opinion Polls 2017 That is about the end of the current five-year term by the Government of Uttarakhand, Uttarakhand Assembly elections to be held in all the 70 seats. To see all of the political parties ready for elections; Regional and national parties are contesting the elections, but let us win this election. Opinion polls are usually conducted by news agencies and channels, or in some cases to understand or analyze the survey conducted by the political parties, but the news was broadcast on channels in the opinion polls or surveys that will be conducted.

Uttarakhand Assembly Vidhan Sabha Elections 2017 Opinion Polls and Survey Results – BJP, BSP, UKD & Congress

Uttarakhand (UK) Assembly Elections 2017 Opinion Polls Results:
Name of the PartyNumber of Seats
Indian National Congress (INC) 32
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 31
Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) 03
Uttarakhand Kranti Dal (UKD) 01
Others including Independent Candidates 03
Total No. Of Seats 70

Uttarakhand Opinion Poll on 2017 Assembly Election by VDPAssociates

PartySeat ShareVote Shares
Uttarakhand Assembly Elections 2017 surveys: Surveys may be conducted to know the position or the winning candidate in the elections, the people feel that they are happy with the CM will be asked to present MLA or leader, and he is the party of all the data collected in 2017 to win the opinions of Uttarakhand will be asked about it, and it's age, gender, field sample analysis is presented in the form of surveys, etc. can be real-election opinion poll, sometimes, and sometimes against the election results will be.

Independents and other parties, including the 01 position out of a total of 70 win this time there is hope that the results will have 03 seats in the Assembly no later be hung. It is through News 24, Chanakya, the ABP News-Times Now (English), NDTV India, NDTV, or, Aaj Tak, India TV, IBN 7, Zee News, News X and others can be conducted.

UK Uttarakhand, the BJP had a majority in the referendum clearly shows VDPAsscociated; Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress vote percentage of 39% to 24 seats with 34 percent of the vote and 40 seats. There is not much difference in the percentage of the vote, but when it comes to the field of seats, but the seats and the BJP 16 seats might be on the other four seats. If the exit poll results of the elections in Uttarakhand, Uttarakhand elections in the UK live updates, check the date and notifications on our blog.

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The first elections were held in 2002, the first assembly elections in the state, national, state, and registered parties in the fray, including 28 political parties, 927 competitors participated. The number of 52,70,375 electors, which was 54.34% of the vote. Since then, the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly held a general election.

The voting was conducted in all the 70 seats in the 2012 assembly elections were held in a single phase. It did the majority of the Congress, the BJP got 31, emerged as the single largest party and the government of the Indian National Congress won 32 seats together PDF. He was appointed as a member of Congress Bahaguna minister. Bahaguna resignation, then the state's new Chief Minister Harish Rawat in 2014.

The main opposition party, the resignation of nine Congress MLAs in Uttarakhand, the BJP made an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the government. In March 2016, after it was revoked by the Supreme Court of India imposed President's rule in the state.

Assembly constituencies in Uttarakhand
Of which 13 are reserved for candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes 2 is reserved for candidates belonging to the sect of the 70 assembly constituencies in Uttarakhand.

In some constituencies in the state Purola, Yamnotri, Gangotri, Badrinath, Karnprayag, Kedarnath, Rudraprayag, Deoprayag, Ghanshali, Narendranagar, Pratapnagar, Tehri, Dhanolti, Chakrata, Vikasnagar Dharampur, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Roorkee, Pauri, Yamkeshwar are, Gangolihat, Nainital, Bageshwar, Almora, Lohaghat, Haldwani, kaladhungi, Kashipur, Rudrapur, Khatima, and Nanak Matta.

State of Uttarakhand unique needs and requirements of the hill people's demand for a separate state in November, was formed in 2000. But ever since the state came into being, it is only a government of the past 16 years, will be able to complete a full five-year term has been mired in political instability. Uttar Pradesh branching demand, valid for the purpose of its creation has not been served yet. Uttarakhand sustainable development, livelihoods and infrastructure is equipped to handle the region is prone to environmental disasters. Instead, unemployment remains high and has increased vulnerability to environmental disasters. But the mineral wealth of the state, immense damage to life and property of irregular mining, floods, landslides and related natural disasters are more prone to the mountainous region.

State Assembly, Uttarakhand State Legislative Assembly in the same house also includes a single legislative assembly, has to be. Assembly of 70 directly elected members and one nominated member of the Anglo-Indian community. Assembly members are elected every five years. 70. The total number of seats in the state assembly seat in the state capital Dehradun. Uttarakhand Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha five directly elected members indirectly elected by members of the Indian Parliament is represented. Assembly Speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal is present. Chief Minister Harish Rawat and Krishna Kant Paul, the state's governor.

Which took part in the 16th Lok Sabha elections in five areas of Uttarakhand, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) victory in a wide range. Almora, Garhwal, Haridwar, Udhamsingh Nagar and Tehri Garhwal nainital by the state, the BJP won five seats in place. The current minister is the head of state is the state of Uttarakhand Harish Rawat. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Indian National Congress (INC), India (CPI), etc. Communist Party. Some of the major political parties, the Samajwadi Party (SP), Janata Dal, along with regional parties and JD (Secular) [JD (S)] and the Janata Dal (United) [JD (U)]. In the last assembly and Lok Sabha elections, the INC has been in state politics. Mala Raj Laxmi Shah, Satpal Mahara, Pradeep Tamta, some of them prominent leaders of NDA, Tiwari. Opinion and exit polls suggest would lead the BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha seats in the state election.

Uttarakhand or Uttaranchal, India, November 9, 2000, a new mountain states were carved out of Uttar Pradesh in the north of the country's 27th state. 5 seats reserved for the state in which the candidate Castes.View a schedule of the Indian Parliament, the Lok Sabha election in 2014 symbolized Results
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